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Forged in early 2015 amidst the explosion of house and techno in the Northern music scene of the UK, Throne Room Records quickly cemented itself as a credible record label and music brand both locally and nationally. Bringing together professionals from across the UK and abroad, working toward the mutual desired outcome of enhancing the flourishing UK music industry.

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Oliver and Liam show their dedication to dance music through relentless hard graft whilst keeping one step ahead of the game with innovative ideas. The pair have a keen ear for fresh sounds which can be seen in the vast back catalogue of Throne Room.

Oliver Carloni

Oliver Carloni

Label / A&R Manager

Oliver Carloni is the engine behind Throne Room Records and the face many picture when reading about the label.  Oliver produces the artwork and video visuals, liaises with artists and business partners, and most importantly, seeks and secures all music, all the while simultaneously managing his own personal DJ persona.

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Liam Armstrong

Liam Armstrong

Label / Promotional Manager

Liam Armstrong met fellow Co-Founder Oliver Carloni while DJ’ing the Newcastle circuit, with the pair both playing regularly at Digital nightclub (#31st ‘Best Club in the World’ – DJ Mag, 2016). Liam is hands-on with the Throne Room concept, his focus on building the ‘brand’ element alongside running his online music blog - The 515.

“Kings will be tyrants from policy, when subjects are rebels from principle.”

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8am - 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday

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We work alongside a hand picked selection of innovative brands who also have the same vision as ours; to showcase music of only the highest calibur in a professional manor.

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